We are happy to invite you to the mini-course on nonlinear system identification, 24-25 April 2023, following the workshop on nonlinear system identification benchmarks.


The 2-day course on nonlinear system identification offers an overview of multiple data-driven modeling approaches for nonlinear dynamical systems ranging from nonlinearity detection and quantization to data-driven nonlinear modeling using, for example, state-space or block-oriented approaches. We will discuss the classical system identification framework, as well as deep learning and Bayesian approaches. 

Early registration deadline: Wednesday, February 15 March 1, 2023

Registration fees: 150 Euro (normal registration), 75 Euro (student registration)

Venue: Senaatszaal, Auditorium, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Program (tentative): Monday 24/04, 8.30 (welcome) - 17.00 (end first day lectures)

Tuesday 25/04, 9.00 - 17.00 (end second day lectures + discussion moments)

The detailed program can be accessed here.

We’re very much looking forward to welcoming you to Eindhoven!