Two-Story Frame
with Hysteretic Links

This benchmark features a two-story shear frame with hysteretic links implemented as a multi-degree of freedom nonlinear response simulator. This case study can be seen as an extension to the single degree of freedom Bouc-Wen Benchmark problem already featured on this website. This simulator employs a similar parameterized representation of the Bouc-Wen model for each nonlinear link and builds upon it to also include strength deterioration and stiffness degradation effects in a structure with increased dimensionality. As a result, the featured parametric shear frame serves as a multi-degree of freedom nonlinear response simulator, able to model a wide range of nonlinear effects through the parametrized Bouc-Wen couplings. The provided simulator can be utilized as a benchmark problem to validate methods and tools in structural health monitoring, model reduction, or identification applications.

A detailed formulation of the identification problem can be found here. All the provided files and information on the two-story system are available for download here (code) and here (standardized datasets). Both Matlab and Python implementations are available for use.

Special thanks to Konstantinos Vlachas and co-authors for sharing this benchmark!


Please refer to the Two-Story Frame benchmark as:

K. Vlachas, K. Tatsis, K. Agathos, A.R. Brink and E. Chatzi, A local basis approximation approach for nonlinear parametric model order reduction, Journal of Sound and Vibration, vol. 502, pp. 116055, 2021, doi: 10.1016/j.jsv.2021.116055.